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Terms of Service

General Information

~I work in a house that has animals. While I keep these things away from my workspace, they are still present in my house.

~I will not accept commissions from a minor. If you are purchasing an item from me the information that you submit must be valid and you must be over 18 years of age.

~In order to prove you are over the age of 18 the commissioner has two options of providing proof.

They can send a picture of themselves holding a legal form of ID (state ID, Driver's License) and a sign with the username and the date the photo was taken on the sign.

The commissioner can print out a form stating the terms of the commission and that they are over the age of 18 and get it notarized at their expense and mail it back to me to have on file.

~I have the right to refuse any commission. This will usually occur if I believe the project is beyond my skill level or I feel I cannot complete the project to the quality standard I set for myself, the reference material inadequate, or the character or idea is copyrighted.

~If an item has not been paid for and is considered canceled or abandoned I have the right to modify and resell the item.

~If the terms of service are violated I have the right to cancel the commission.



Quotes and Queue

~40% down payment is required to secure your spot in my queue (applies to animal costumes) this does not mean I will start on the suit at that time; you are securing your spot in my queue.

~I require at least 50% of the total price to be paid before I start work on a suit.

~Quotes will vary from suit to suit based of each reference. You CANNOT base your quote of a quote I have given someone else.

~Quotes are good for 60 days. After that a new quote form will have to be filled out.

~If after 12 months the commission has not been paid in full I have the right to drop a commission and refund everything but the down payment. This is to cover the cost of materials and time that have already been put into the commission.

~If you have a deadline, mention it in the quote so I can tell you if it is feasible for me to finish the project in that amount of time.

~I can do rush orders, but it is at my discretion and there will be an extra charge for the service.


Payments, payment plans, and refunds

~The Down Payment is non refundable. If a payment plan is opted for payments must be made on a consistent basis.

~The smallest payment amount accepted is $50

~Smaller projects may require 50% or paid in full

~There are several ways that a fursuit can be paid for

Paid in Full

Down payment +payment every 7 days

Down payment + payment every 14 days

Down payment +payment every month


~If a piece is more than half completed at the time of cancellation than material cost that is used may also be calculated out of the refund.


~If a project is abandoned then every attempt will be made to contact the buyer to figure a refund (minus downpayment, extra materials and labor for any work already completed) However, if  a client does not keep in communication and does not reach out after a month after a "notice of abandonment" email is made, then the commission is considered forfeit and no refund is to be given.

~All prices are in USD

~I accept PayPal, Money orders, and cashier’s check. No Personal Cheques!



~Tracking is placed on all commissions along with being insured.

~All items will be sent to the address that is provided by PayPal, unless otherwise specified by the commissioner.

~I am not liable for items that are lost or damaged by others in the mail

Ready made items will be shipped out as soon as possible, but allow up to 7 business days in case of weather, sickness, etc.

~If shipping information is not received in a timely manner or is not in the correct format than the commission will be shipped the following week.


~Shipping is figured out after the commission is finished. Inability to pay this S&H within three (3) months will result in your commission being canceled and your project sold at auction. You will not receive your initial 40% deposit back.

~The buyer is responsible for all duty fees, customs, brokerage, and taxes over and above the cost of shipping. I have no control over extra fees.

~I will NOT mark a parcel as a ‘gift’ or low-ball what the item is worth on the customs forms. This is illegal.


Repairs and maintenance

~If your suit has something break or needs a fix up there is one year where it can be shipped back to me and will be repaired free of charge. If the repair is major or from obvious neglect on the commissioners part, a fee may be charged for materials/labor for the repair. You must pay for the shipping.

~After a year I will still do repairs at little to no cost, as long as there is no obvious neglect.

~If there are obvious sign of neglect than I have the right to charge what I have to in order to make the repairs.

~If a suit is returned damaged beyond repair or soiled than the suit will be shipped back at your expense.

~If you have done personal major modifications and then ask for repairs (within the initial one year warranty) the warranty is void and you will be charged for the cost of repairing said item.



Reference material

~I require at least a 3 view of the character that is being commissioned (Front, back, Side)

~Other references may be allowed if the design is simple enough.

If there is a change that is desire, it must be noted BEFORE I begin work on the project. If it is already completed there may be a charge for the changes, providing that the project can be changed.

~For certain suit parts I will require a DTD. You are responsible for shipping the DTD.

~Also the seams of the DTD must be marked correctly, as well as name/character name being written on the DTD.

~I will also need measurements. They must be CORRECT! Do not adjust the numbers if they are not what you wish they were. If they are not given to me correctly and the item does not fit, then I am willing to adjust the item if possible at an extra charge.


Work in progress and updates

~Work in progress photos will be given at the commissioner’s request at different stages of the process. Do not be upset if I do not give update photos every day. I work two other jobs on top of fursuit building, so not a lot may change from day to day.

~At this time I do not stream work on fursuits. I also do not post tutorials. I am willing to help answer questions, but I do not post step-by-step processes.

~Contact for commission questions shall be kept to email. This is to limit talk of the commission being spread out over multiple platforms. Exception to this, is if I need to get ahold of you and email is not working/unavailable.


While questions and civil discussion are always welcome, abuse is not tolerated.

Any harassment, threats, intimidation, rudeness or unwelcome actions can be cause for me to drop your commission.

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