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Toony head                             Base Price    $1000

The base price of this shape includes these features:

  • Follow-me eyes

  • Static Jaw

  • Hair Poof(optional)

  • Fabric Nose

  • Fabric Tongue

  • Front teeth(bottom only)

Semi-realistic Heads    

       Base Price     $1,200

The base price of this shape includes these features:

  • Acrylic Follow-eyes

  • Moving Jaw(for most species)

  • Hair poof(optional)

  • Silicone Nose

  • Silicone Tongue

  • Teeth



Currently I offer three different types of partials

Beginner partial- Head, Hands, tail - $1,

Standard Partial- Head, Hands, Feet, Tail- $1,800+

3/4 suit with ARMS- Head, hands, feet, tail, armsleeves-$1,900+


3/4 Suit with LEGS- Head, hands, feet, tail, digi legs- $2,000+


Plantigrade Fullsuit- $3,000


Head, Hands, Feet, Tail, Body


Digitigrade Fullsuit- $3,500


Head, Hands, Feet,Tail, Padded Bodysuit


Individual Pieces





Start at $300+


Available as 3,4, or 5 fingered

Fleece or silicone pawpads

Claws optional


Armsleeves Start at $100 and go up based on complexity.





Small- $50+ (Lynx, Goat)

Medium-$100+ (Husky, Wolf)

Large- $250+ (Red Panda, Snow leopard)

* The standard tail attachment is two loops at the top of the tail that you slide a belt through to secure to yourself. 





Outdoor feet

start at $400

feature a thick sole on the bottom


Indoor feet- (currently unavailable)










For Fursuits I require at least 40% down to secure your spot in the queue.

The finished product will not be shipped or delivered until 100% has been received.
Individual items I may require 50% if not paid in full at time of purchase.

Everything that is ordered is custom and hand made.

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